Power Blowing

Why is Power Blowing so Important for Landscaping Near Me?

Every professional lawn mowing job should end with power blowing, so this is where most people see it being done. However, it is also heavily used in landscaping near me. Then, it is used to clean up trimmings from hedges and shrubs, remove fallen leaves, and otherwise get rid of debris. What makes it such a popular clean-up method?

One of the reasons pros use power blowing is because it's fast. Since the profitability of the work is partly dependent on its speed, this caused blowers to be rapidly adopted by landscaping companies. However, speed isn't the only benefit involved. It is also better for grass.

Raking, the alternative to blowing, damages grass by pulling metal tines through tufts of soft plant material. This scratches and even rips the grass blades, leaving them open to disease, dehydration, and browning. While this sort of damage may be okay if the goal is to dethatch the lawn, it is something to be actively avoided for frequent lawn maintenance. Blowing, on the other hand, doesn't rip through the grass plants. Instead, it leaves the grass intact while effectively removing the debris that is sitting on it.

Because of this, power blowing is best when removing any sort of lightweight debris from grass. In order to get the best results, it needs to be done before the debris can sink into the lawn. Therefore, someone doing landscaping near me will always blow the debris away right after they're finished with whatever work created it.

Removing leaves, on the other hand, doesn't need so much speed because of how light the leaves are. Because of this, some people call pros who do landscaping near me to get rid of this material. The pros are always glad to bring their equipment and do leaf removal jobs fast.